“Responsible Tourism” 2022 : 2023 We have now made achievements in recognizing our responsibilities 
•Our system is ensuring the business moves towards greater Social Responsibility and improving greater Social Responsibility and improving Environmental performance. 
•Our sector of Tourism is about people and places and the relationships between them. 
•Sustainable Tourism ensures the People and Places where we conduct our businesses are safeguarded for the future.

We value your safety the most.

Premier Le Rêve Hotel & Spa is fully compliant with all industry standards required by Local Tourism Authorities and international organizations to keep you safe.

Le Rêve Welcome

Upon entering the hotel temperature checks are being carried out to ensure everyone’s safety. Hands are being sanitized before entering the hotel and at all Security Gates.

Check-in: This process will be conducted with a separating desk shield for your safety by one of our colleagues and one guest (for each couple or family) at a time. Therefore, please expect some waiting time in case there are several arrivals. All key cards are disinfected after each use and pens are used only once and being discharged after each guest. Our Reception Team will provide all necessary information before completing the check-in.

Distance floor: Please follow the instructions displayed on the lobby floor to ensure the compliance of social distancing requirements throughout your visit.

Although all services remain available, our Housekeeping team will enter your room during your stay every 48 hours or more often upon request. Room-service deliveries, luggage assistance and other services will take place in front of your room.

Luggage cleaning: All luggage items are cleaned and disinfected before being delivered to rooms.

Lavatories: All public lavatories, including in the lobby, are deeply cleaned and sanitized constantly.

Rooms & Amenities

Amenities: Hand sanitizer and protective masks are available in all rooms on the day of arrival.

Reading materials: all reading materials have been removed but are available upon request.

Cleaning: Procedures have been further enhanced to include a special cleaning and disinfection plan for guestrooms to ensure that all room features, furniture and surfaces are thoroughly disinfected, in line with Egyptian safety and health regulations. Beds are sanitized, as well as all furniture, fixtures and fittings.

Laundry: All linen is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected using the optimum detergents in their correct dosage.

Lifts are limited to a maximum capacity of two guests at a time. Staircases are recommended to be used as an alternative.

Restaurants & Bars

Temperature check: For your safety, daily body temperature checks will be conducted at the entrance of every restaurant and indoor bar.

Hand sanitizer: Guests are kindly requested to use the sanitizing station before entering the outlets.

Distance floor: Please follow the instructions displayed on the restaurant floor to ensure the compliance of social distancing requirements throughout your visit.

Tables: A maximum of four guests per table has been introduced (up to six people for families travelling together). Spacing between tables has been reconfigured to respect the requirements of the Egyptian government.

Cleaning: Hygiene measures have been further enhanced. After each dining experience, tables and chairs are disinfected, and all tableware and glassware are exchanged. Cutlery and menu cards are disinfected in accordance with health regulations.

Kitchen service: Our chefs will change their gloves every 20 minutes to ensure the highest hygiene standards.

Suppliers: Procedures regarding contact with our suppliers and the delivery of all produce have been revised.

Fitness Center

Gym: Enjoy our fitness equipment, ensuring sufficient distance between guests.

Cleaning: The gym will be disinfected every hour by our team. Guests will be requested to clean the equipment after usage.

Spa: Due to governmental restrictions, the spa facilities are open under limited capacity.

Beach & Pools

Beach: To ensure the compliance with social distancing requirements, all sunbeds are placed at least 2 meters apart from each other.

Cleaning: Kindly note that our dedicated and permanent attendant will take care of the continuous cleaning and disinfection of the beach lavatories. The pool water is treated with chlorine at recommended standards, and parameters are monitored by a professional team throughout the day.

Towels: Individually wrapped beach towels will be available in your room to ensure complete hygiene.

Leisure activities

Kindly note that all (water-) sports activities will remain available following governmental guidelines with respect to the number of participants as well as the required cleaning instructions. For further information on any activity, kindly contact our Guest Relations team.

Covid-19 Extra Measures

Crisis Management Team under the leadership of the General Manager have been assigned in order to ensure that in an undesirable event of Covid-19 Case the situation is dealt with an utmost care and safety.

Staff Training Program have been implemented to ensure that all staff are correctly trained and prepared with regards to control measures to prevent the spread of the Covid-19.

Sickness reporting system has been implemented, so that in the early stages other control procedures can be activated. The system includes both guests and staff and the overall objective is to prevent the spread of infection and any potential outbreak. Doctor is available in the hotel at all times.

Hotel Capacity: capacity is reduced in order to ensure that social distance is respected in all parts of the hotel.

Quarantine rooms have been designated to accommodate potential sick clients (area farthest from public/common areas) or potential sick staff.


All employees are quarantined for 14 days after returning from vacation.

Body temperature is checked before entering the hotel on a daily basis.

Hand sanitizers are available at every single area of the back of house.

Training and testing scenarios are delivered to employees to ensure their effective performance in how to operate and handle the precautions of COVID-19.

Accommodating not more than two adults per room in the employee housing allows a proper social distance between employees even after working hours.

Employees are transported to the hotel by buses that are disinfected after each transport with a lowered capacity of 50%.

Information signs are available at the back of house area such as staff entrance, cafeteria, lockers and corridors to keep a consistent awareness level among our employees.

PCR Testing

Kindly be advised that as per the Ministry of Health Regulation negative PCR test or Vaccination Passport must be presented upon check in at the hotel. In case the Vaccination Passport is not available and PCR Test have been done in Hurghada International Airport guest will be asked to quarantine in the room up to 48 hours from the moment of check in until the test results will be provided.

In case PCR test will be required before returning to your home country, for your comfort hotel doctor providing on site testing before departure via AMC Hospital at extra charge.